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After more then 20 years of development we can categorize our products by

1. Standard and serial products witch stands for fully developed and tested machines witch we      produce on demand. Those are mainly machines made for small businesses and education . By small businesses we consider small companies witch have occasional requests for high serial production . Those machines are mostly technological combined (e.g.  laser and mill or laser and plasma  etc.). This approach is very hard to achieve (due to big technological difference) specially combining few cutting technologies on one machine through the same program . On this field we have a big experience. 

2. Educational machines stand for machines we produce for schools and the biggest attribute is dedication to end user protection , machine self protection systems and generally low cost maintenance . Educational machines are capable of doing all standard operations but due to safety systems , they are slower . 

3. Service we can offer to the market stands for special material machining 

 frequent dealing with extreme materials processing and machining , ether through producing custom machine for end customer , ether offering CNC machining to end customer as a service , we collected valuable experiences in various "strange and not often" materials. Mostly those are glass or carbon fiber composites , high abrasive alloys and composites , high carbon percentage steels. 

Producing such parts for aerospace , nuclear , military and  automotive industries made us respect most highly demands regarding to precision and processing quality .  

We posses our own highly equipped machining laboratory and if our technology does not suite or we are in the rush  , we outsource it to our cooperatives . Outgoing control is our obligation and measure testing off all parts is not made percentage based, but whole series is tested and measured piece by piece. 



A small CNC lathe with automatic tool change and integrated PC 
   - machine weight : 65 kg 
   - control software : MACH3
   - chuck motor power : 750W

Market target : small businesses and education  

A small CNC mill with automatic tool change and integrated PC

 - machine weight : 120 kg

 - control software : MACH3

 - tool motor power : 2.2 kW , servo

market target : small businesses and education 

Industrial heavy duty milling router with laser combined 

 - machine weight : 530 kg 

 - machine type : pool router

 - working area : 1000x500x200 mm 

 - material processing : stone , steel ,       aluminium , plastics , glass etc. 

 - control system : MACH3 

market target : small businesses  

Industrial heavy duty plasma machine with milling head combined 

 - machine weight : 2670 kg 

 - machine type : pool router 

 - working area : 3000x1500x200 mm 

 - material processing : steel , stainles steel ,  non-ferrous metals

 - control system : MACH3 

 - plasma generator : HYPERTHERM 

market target : small businesses    

Industrial laser machine

 - machine weight : 1340 kg 

 - machine type : pool router 

 - working area : 3000x1500x100 mm 

 - material processing : steel 3mm max , stainless 2mm max , nonmetal

 - laser source : 350W C02 , ( fiber laser 1000w optional ) 

 - control system : MACH3 

 - laser generator : I.A.S. 

market target : small businesses 

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