I.A.S. d.o.o.  ZAGREB , CROATIA , EU


About Us


I.A.S. is a small company basically dealing with research and development regarding to automation systems  within industry . Our core business is designing complete automation systems in material processing .  Our goal is to keep it simple , intuitive and cheep for maintenance that makes our advantage in front of other companies . We are small team of high skilled experts who work in cooperative relations of small companies rather then as employees under roof organisation of I.A.S. 

Our field of activity covers : 

 - mechanical engineering 

 - electronic engineering 

 - software engineering 

I.A.S.  , as the roof brand is project handler and integrator of these three fields . 

As a result we produce : 

 - special CNC machines 

 - unique production automation lines 

 - delicate retrofits of old production systems and machines regarding modernisation 

 And regarding to big experience in material processing and  great knowledge we offer : 

 -  CNC machining of special materials such as glass and carbon fiber based composites  

 - high series production optimisation consulting within CNC system ( nesting and clustering ) 

 - reverse engineering with complete technical documentation and calculations

 - prototyping including complete technical documentation and serial production support 

For any questions or ideas please be free to contact us : 

                       I.A.S. Ltd.  

   Spinciceva 42 , Zagreb , Croatia , EU   

    Dinko Čičin ( CEO )   

     gsm: +385914549729

     mail:  dinko@iascnc.hr  


    Anja Čičin  ( CFO ) 

     gsm : +38598592939

     mail:  anja@iascnc.hr 


    mail: ias.info.eu@gmail.com